Meet Our Staff
Yasser A. Alaska, MD
Chadi Diab, BSN, RN,MHPE

Sami A. AlNassar, MD,

Olayan Salih AlOlayan

Director, CSSC
Operations Manager
 CSSC Founder
Financial Manager
Fahad A. AlYami MD, FRCSC
Surgical Director
Nehal Khamis MD,PHD, MHPE

Manager of Research and development Unit

Rami Khattar, BSN,RN,MHPE

Supervisor, Life Support Unit

Candice Relieve, MD

Supervisor, Skill Lab Unit

Mohamad Abu Zitoon RN, BSN, CHSE, CHSOS

Supervisor,Medical Simulation Unit

Ibrahim Taha, BSN, R.N

Supervisor,Systems Integration Unit

Annaliza M. San Mateo, RN. MSN

Clinical Instructor

Faisal Hazazi, B.S

Chief Technicians

Clinical Instructor

Lorraine Bel
Arthur C. Isnani, BsMT, RMT, MD

Clinical Instructor

Hakem Shkoor RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor

Marites A. Bautista RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor

Aurora G. De Guzman, RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor

Jamileh Al Qawasmeh RN, MSN
Deema Saad Aldosar, MHA

Project Manager

Lito Garcia

Clinical Instructor

Mark Spitola, BSN, RN
Mohammad Abu Mohammad, RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor

Amal Ismail RN, MSN

Clinical Instructor

Nadia R. Muksan

Medical Administrative

Nora AL-Habib

Administration Assistant and Registration Officer 

Nordin M. Pumbaya, MD

Clinical Instructor

Rand Alsaif

Administrative Assistant

Shaila Anjum Bhat, MD, MPH

Clinical Instructor

Adjunct Faculty
Abdulaziz Ahmad, MD,SB-Aneas 
AbdulAziz AlKanhal, MD, MSc
Amjad Obied, MD
Aref Malabari, MD
Fahad AlSohaime, MD
Lina AlBakri, MD
Yasser Sabr, MD, MHSc

King Saud University, Riyadh 11451

+966 11 4699144

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