Nehal Khamis, MD, Ph.D., MHPE


Is an Assistant Professor of Medical Education, director of Faculty Development and Chair of the undergraduate clinical clerkship curriculum review committee at the College of Medicine, King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh, SA. She is the simulation curriculum advisor of KSU Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation, since 2012. She is a clinical educator. After completing her doctorate degree in Surgical Pathology, she obtained in 2007 her Master's Degree in health professions education (HPE) from Maastricht University, Netherlands and Suez Canal University, Egypt.


Dr. Khamis is the head of the curriculum subgroup and the coordinator of the “Article of the Month” series of the ACS AEIs Faculty Development Committee. She has a long experience in planning,  conduction, and evaluation of many inter-professional faculty development workshops and courses in Egypt, Saudi Arabia,  France, India, Canada, and the US.

Dr. Khamis contributions to the field of medical education are recognized internationally. Her evidence-based stepwise approach of course design for simulation-based training was validated by consensus of an international panel of Surgeons and Educators and it was published with two pioneers in the field of health care simulation and curriculum development; Prof. Richard Satava, University of Washington and Prof. David Kern, Johns Hopkins. This approach is currently being applied together with its supplementary fill in worksheet and guidelines in simulation centers and by national scientific associations in USA, Korea, UK, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Due to her expertise in the field, Dr. Khamis was invited to be amongst the panel of beta-testers of the newly released Johns Hopkins online course for curriculum development. In addition, the faculty mentorship program decision making checklist she developed is currently being applied in the College of Medicine, Hofstra University, NY.

Dr. Khamis was assigned recently as an ACS accreditation surveyor. Her experiences in this field include assignment as an EMRO/WHO T. adviser for the establishment of national quality assurance systems for HPE colleges in the region, holding many national and regional workshops in the area of self-study in addition to being a management team member of the WHO Accreditation Project in Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She contributed to the development of "Tools for the Accreditation Process in the Eastern Mediterranean Region According to the WFME Global Standards" as an EMRO/WHO assignment.

Dr. Khamis research interests include curriculum development for simulation-based training, faculty development and the use of active learning and IT in HPE.

King Saud University, Riyadh 11451

+966 11 4699144



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