Skills Lab Courses

  • Understand the physiologic responses a patient may have leading to the need for pleural chest tube placement

  • Understand the difference between a pleural, mediastinal and pericardial tube placement

  • Basic Medical Sciences

  • First aid & CPR

  • Skill Lab Applications

  • Primary Clinic Training

  • Live Surgical Procedures

  • The English Language is a must.

Medical Students Curriculum 

Foundation block

  • Introduction to history taking of a healthy person

  • Radial Pulse, Temperature, and Respiratory Rate

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • Weight, height, and calculation of BMI

  • OSCE


Musculoskeletal Block

  • Intramuscular/Subcutaneous Injection

  • Examine muscle strength

  • Examine knees

  • Surface anatomy of the upper and lower limbs

  • OSCE


Respiratory Block

  • Measuring Peak Expiratory Flow in a Normal Subject

  • Taking a Medical History related to Respiratory signs and Symptoms

  • Examination of the Respiratory System and Mucus Membrane for Cyanosis

  • OSCE


Cardiovascular Block

  • CVS examination, pulses and JVP

  • CVS examination, heart

  • Take history related to cardiac symptoms

  • OSCE


Renal block

  • Take a history related to renal symptoms

  • Recognize different type of catheters/insert Foley catheter

  • Renal Examination

  • OSCE


Year 2

Neuropsychiatry block

  • Dermatomes, myotomes and examination of the sensory system

  • Examination of Cranial Nerves

  • Ophthalmoscope examination

  • Examination of the motor system

  • History taking from a patient with neuropsychological problem

  • OSCE


Gastrointestinal & Nutrition Block

  • Taking history from a patient with acute diarrhea

  • Per rectal examination

  • Abdominal examination

  • Taking history from a patient with anemia

  • OSCE


Endocrine Block

  • To take history related to thyroid signs and symptoms

  • To examine the normal thyroid gland

  • To take a history related to diabetes signs and symptoms

  • OSCE


Reproductive System

  • Bimanual Vaginal Examination (PV) and taking a Pap Smear

  • Examine the external genitalia of male

  • To take an ideal history related to Obstetrics symptoms

  • Examine the breast

  • OSCE


Year 3

  • Task-based Learning: Cardiorespiratory, Nephrology, Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary, Rheumatology & Infectious Disease, Endocrinology, Nervous System, Hematology & Oncology

  • Injections

  • Heart Sounds

  • Lung Sounds

  • ECG

  • Urinary Catheterization (Male and Female)

  • Nasogastric Tube Insertion

  • Suturing

  • IV Cannulation


Year 5


  • Blood sampling

  • ABG

  • Blood Glucose Measurement

  • Oxygen therapy mask

  • Nebulizer



  • Urinary Catheterization (Male and Female)

  • Nasogastric Tube Intubation

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